Welcoming Veterans of World War II

| September 18, 2013

Date: 1946

Event: The end of World War II brought a mixture of unease and positivity to Teachers College as evidenced in the report of then Dean William F. Russell in July 1946. “Nuclear research has smashed the atom,” he writes, “It has also smashed the idea that we live in an age of temporary change and that soon we shall return to a sense of normalcy” (p. 3). This sentiment of needing to accustom oneself to continual change is repeated throughout the report, in which Russell calls upon teachers to do their best to remain flexible in uncertain times and continually look to the future instead of remaining tied to the past.

Source: Russell, W. F. (1946). Report of the Dean of Teachers College. Teachers College Bulletin 37(3). Retrieved 12 April 2013 from Pocketknowledge at http://pocketknowledge.tc.columbia.edu/home.php/viewfile/download/95728

Researcher(s): Lea Lange