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Welcoming Veterans of World War II 

Date: 1946 Event: The end of World War II brought a mixture of unease and positivity to Teachers College as evidenced in the report of then Dean William F. Russell in July 1946. “Nuclear research has smashed the atom,” he writes, “It has also smashed the idea that we live in an age of temporary …

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The Hollingworth Center 

Date: Established in 1981 Event: The Hollingworth Center was established to provide internship and training opportunities to Teachers College students. Its mission has been to offer enriching early childhood educational programs through nurturing the talents of each child enrolled in their preschool and science outreach programs. Through clinical research these programs have helped to develop …

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Progressive Educator 

Date: 1930 Event: Dr. (Richard) Thomas Alexander was the driving force behind the formation of the New College, an experimental college for teachers started in 1930s. The college lasted for seven years from 1932 to 1939. Alexander came to Teachers College in the early 1920s and was an authority on European education, especially German education. …

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Nursing Education 

Date: 1899 Event: The Division of Nursing Education was founded in 1899 and run by its first administrative directors, M. Adelaide Nutting and Isabel M. Stewart. The program grew from its original enrollment of two students to being the largest department in Teachers College in 1947 with over 1,000 students. It was the only program …

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Trailblazers in Urban and Minority Education 

Date: 1968 Event: In 1968, the ERIC Center on Urban and Minority Education moved to Teachers College from its origin at Yeshiva University and was formalized into the Institute for Urban and Minority Education (IUME) in 1973. The data and files from Edmund W. Gordon and Doxey A. Wilkerson’s 1966 study “"Compensatory Education for the …

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